Africa - Salvations, homes & sickness, Sept 3, 2015

What a strange set of emotions as we witness the goodness of God being poured out to His people. Thanks to the obedience of Evangelist Augustine and our brothers and sisters in the DRCongo and those from the USA that pray and have given the financial blessings for equipment and support, 3 outreaches were held in August that brought over 600 people together and 190 received salvation and are now being discipled as new believers. Praise God! We also received news that the tin that was purchased for the roof of Pr Evariste and his family in Burundi was installed. They are rebuilding their home that was bombed in 2001 so they can have a stable base as Evariste over-sees the outreaches, church plants and Bible schools in this country. Also, Pr Patrick who founded the Nalidi Grace Orphan School in E. Uganda sent us news that they will soon be drilling a well that will supply water for the school of over 325 primary students and the community. He sends his thanks for the support and a photo of one of the orphan girls that is need of treatment for a scalp disease that is similar to the problems of many of the children in the area. Praying that we will have resources to help her and that the water source will provide the clean water for bathing, cooking, drinking and to help grow some crops so the children can have a source of nutritional food. What a blessing!

Never have we seen so few, do so much, for so many, with so little. Jesus provides!