Harvest Kids! 9-12

What a great day a Harvest Kids yesterday! Thanks to everyone that helped us! Thanks to all the adults that brought kids and to the ones that hung around to help us. Thank you to the ones who helped with lunch. Thanks to the ones who donated cans and coins and to the ones who took the cans all the way to the recycle in Bellingham! The total amount of the cans was $147 that will go for more beds bunk beds in Africa at Jonathan and Janet’s. There were many cans to crush but with about 17 kids and many adults, we got through them pretty fast! We then put all of the coins into the bullet and the Harvest Kids filled it once again with a total of $282. For the first timers there, each of them got to put their handprint on the new painted palm tree and put their birthdays on the wall. While eating lunch, the kids watch a video about “Why do we do Harvest Kids?” it was all about the people in Africa and the way they live. After the video, Christie Wolff from CEF gave a great message on Psalm 119:11. “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” The kids then got to fill out a penpal sheet that will be taken to Africa with Rabecca and Cami at the end of October. They will bring back a pen pals from the children in Africa for the kids here. Thank you to those that pray and help support the overall ministry. Thank you Jesus for everyone who is involved and has a heart for you. The next Harvest Kids will be September 26th, we hope to see you there!