Africa– July salvations, Aug 17, 2015

Although we have not received testimonies from E. Uganda or N. Kenya, our co-laborers coordinated 20 outreaches in July over a 50 day period and 2,662 opened their hearts to received Jesus as their Savior. God has been enlarging our territory as we witness more people coming to salvation, existing church families strengthened and new church families starting in Skagit Valley, Mexico and in Central Africa. We are blessed to have been born and to live in a country in which we have the freedom to practice our religion as well as the opportunity to prosper. Harvest Vision is blessed to be in partnership with men and women who suffer unbearable conditions to carry the good news of Jesus to desolate places and it is an honor to be able to support these men and women through this ministry. We need your help. You are an important and critical part of His plan. Your provision can help us fulfill our God-given vision.

Please partner with us as a monthly electronic giver. Your faithfulness sets us free to focus on ministry and not fundraising.

You are welcome to sow on top of your monthly partnership as the Lord provides and leads…but first make sure we have what we need each month by being a consistent supporter. You will save Harvest Vision Ministries money, help us plan more effectively and reach more of the hurting and lost if we are at peace that our basic monthly needs are provided for.

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