Africa - Pr Simon, Sambura, N. Kenya coordinator, August 1, 2015

We recently sent the funding to purchase sound and video equipment for Pr Simon in Sambura, N Kenya who is our new coordinator for that area. The Lord called Simon in 1997 in Ngare-mare when he was looking after their sheep. He fell asleep about 3pm and heard a voice calling, "Simon, Simon" and he woke up crying. The only thing that come on his mind was about Jesus and he asked himself, "What was the purpose I was created for? Did you create me for this work?" He heard a far voice saying, "Come to Me and make a crusade" and in the vision God showed me a big harvest. The next day he connected me with Harvest Vision Africa. Simon's vision is to use the equipment for evangelizing the most unreached groups like the Rendile, Turkana, Boran and Sambura, moving from village to village. So far five church families have been started even though the area is vast and requires traveling long distance. Part of the equipment purchased for the outreaches is a 3-wheel motorbike to help transport the equipment. Please pray for his wife, Rose, and their three children and the orphans in their care as they faithfully bring the gospel to these communities.