Africa - July salvations in the DRCongo & Burundi, July 2015

"How beautiful are the feet of those that bring good news." What a wonderful testimony to receive to encourage and bless our day. We just received testimonies from our co-laborers in Burundi and the DRCongo that coordinate outreaches with the sound and video equipment that is provided to them by faithful and prayerful co-laborers that support Harvest Vision Ministries here in the USA. Over 5,000 participated in outreaches in the DRCongo and 1,031 accepted Jesus and in the 6 outreaches in Burundi 252 accepted Jesus. There are now 53 students in the newly formed bible schools in Bujumbura and Bubanza provinces in Burundi and in August, 50 young Christian men and women are ready to evangelize in 24 communes in that country. We give God glory for the good news about the expanding of His Kingdom and pray that others will help. We have four other areas that are awaiting for the equipment and support needed to coordinate outreaches in there areas in Central Africa.