Harvest Kids Reach Another Goal!

Another day of blessing for the adults that donate aluminum cans and those that come to support these children as they help meet the needs of the "least of these" vulnerable children in Africa. A double blessing knowing that the USA mission team in Mexico is helping the Harvest Kids in San Luis at the same time as we are witness to these children becoming disciples of Jesus as they learn to "serve and not be served".  It took 1 1/2 hours to crush the 202 Lbs of cans and thanks to Bruce who took them up to the recycle place and then bring back the good news of $80.80 that will go toward the $400 to purchase 2 bunkbeds & 4 mattresses for the children and orphans that live with Pr Richard & Esther in Budaka, Uganda. Afterwards, Wayne talked to them about the importance of their giving and then we showed a new video that Rabecca Williams just made showing the children in Africa and the many ways in which the Harvest Kids are making a difference in the lives of these childrens and the communities where they live. We just received a photo early in the morning of the new bunkbed that the kids had just purchased for Pr Billy & Teddy in Mbale, Uganda and then they proceeded to finish filling the Change the World "bullet" for the 5th time with $294. That means they will be able to send the $400 to Africa for the beds. Whoot! Whoot!  After lunch, the kids learned about "self-control" by watching a video and doing some coloring and games about the life of Namaan from the bible. Later, the kids got prizes for racing hot wheels and the bean bag toss, before adjourning outside for some hula hoop ministry. Amazing watching these kids using 2 hula hoops at a time. After cleaning up, we went to the neighbors to set up some bike ramps for the kids.