USA – Value Village Fundraiser and Harvest Kids Cans

For the past 3 months we have been collecting clothing, linens, books, etc for the Value Village Fundraiser. Yesterday morning, George, Rabecca, Angie and Cassie loaded all of the stuff into the big red van and went to turn it all in. There was 870lbs of clothing and 20lbs of books for a total of $175. This was the first time we have done this type of fundraiser and we appreciate everyone who donated their things. Value Village gives us 20 cents a pound for all of the "cloth" items and 5 cents a pound for books and small appliances. We are considering doing this again in the future so we will keep you all notified. That afternoon, George and Rabecca loaded the red van once again to recycle the huge amount of Harvest Kids cans we had. It was 288lbs that came to $101. Thank you to everyone who saves and collects cans. The next Harvest Kids will be this Saturday December 12th 10am-12:30! Christie Wolffe from Child Evangelism Fellowship will be there and we will be having a Hawaiian themed Christmas party! Anyone is welcome to come and please bring a friend or two as well!