Africa - South Sudan testimonies, Dec 10, 2015

I first met John and Sarah in Feb 2015 while visiting with Pr Martin and Wayne Watne. His family lives in mud homes in the hot outskirts of Juba, South Sudan, where he has planted church families and was furnished sound equipment to help with crusades. Neither their 5 children or the ~100 orphans around their home have the money to attend school, they receive an allotment when available of 5 gallons of water every day or every other day for their entire family and they have food for one meal a day. We are providing some very limited financial help and much prayer, but they subsist on the joy of the Lord as they give Him praise day and night and want more than anything else to be the light to those that don't know the goodness of God that we find in Jesus Christ.

(Report from South Sudan, Dec 10, 2015)   
Dear my directors HVA & USA pastor Martin and George.

I am sorry for not sending you the monthly reports of the ministry is because my youngest brother has been shot with a gun at the back. therefore i went to took care of him in august andseptember. But here is the reports of oct, nov and dec 2015.

A. Chekpoint door to door evangelism on date 15 oct 2015.
1.  Two people gave their lives to Jesus Christ.
2.  One woman got delievered from the magic powers.
B.  Jebelyesua crusade on date 20 nov 2015.
1.  six people gave their lives to Jesus Christ.
2.  Two people got delievered from the demonic spirits.
C. Korramula outreach evangelismondate8dec2015.
1.  Ten catholic members fifteen muslims believed in Jesus and gave their lives to Christ.
D.  I have to open more churches next year by God grace.
1.   I have many servants ofGod who are prepared for three years.
2.   I am targeting Nemule, Hai kopuri, Jebeldinka, Jopa and Komiru.

     Therefore, i am requesting you my directors to support me with the equipment - sound system and help me to repair the three wheel motor ciycle for the evangelism around Juba city and prayalso to God to provide the strong truck or a car which can be able to mass with theland oftheSouth Sudan during the rain seasion.

Thankyouso   muchforyour supports for Harvest Vision South Sudan ministry.

May the Almighty God bless you forever. Amen.
John & Sarah Light, South Sudan Coordinator.