USA – Harvest Kids 12/12/15

Yet another great harvest kids day yesterday. We started out crushing some cans that we had and then filled the bullet with coins! The kids have 20 more inches until the bullet is filled again! We had 3 new kids who came and they got to put their handprints on the palm tree and their birthdays on the wall! Christie Wolff from CEF comes for the first Harvest Kids of the month. Her lesson was based on Isaiah 6:9. "To us a son is given and he will be called the Prince of Peace" She had the kids hula hoop while they repeated the verse to help memorize it. The story was about some kids and a grandpa who went to a hospital to visit the kids there that had cancer and they took a black lab with a red collar and jingle bell. (so Wayne and Fred brought their black labs, Bear and Walker.) At the end of the story she explained the peace that God gives us and this little definition that goes with it.
P problems. sometimes we have problems but God knows all about them.
E earth. God sent his perfect son to earth because he knew we had a lot of problems.
A angels to help us.
C celebrate. Jesus was perfect and when He got older he let people nail him to the cross for our punishment for our sins.
E eternal life. If we accept Jesus in our hearts, we will have eternal life and be with him together.
After the story was over, we had a special group gift for the kids. Christie asked 12 questions and the gift was wrapped 12 times. Each time they answered a question, we took off a layer of paper. Once we answered the last question, the kids finally got to see what the gift was and it was the Charlie Brown Christmas movie! Finally, thanks to Rebecca Watne, who made mini pillows, each kid got to decorate a pillow and put the word peace on it so they can always remember that God can help them with their problems and give them peace. We ended Harvest Kids with Matthew playing the song jingle bells on his trumpet. Thank you to everyone who makes lunch for the kids, who prays for the work we and all of our co-laborers are doing, and for those who save and bring cans! We are greatly blessed by God.