Linda and Lisa on Mission

Linda and Lisa made it safely to San Luis, Mexico and are visiting with Miguel & Olivia and our family there. They enjoyed spending time with our friend, Cecilia, and family at the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico and Arizona, and then were able to stop in Phoenix with our precious sister, Joan Mason, before arriving in Mexico last night. Today, Linda will get to pick the fruit from a tree that she planted in front of the Mission Home years ago......Orange, lemon or grapefruit? Maybe she will wait until tomorrow which is her birthday. They are also privileged to see the start of the construction of the walls for the fellowship center that is being built next to the mission home. What is important is that Linda and Lisa are wanting to see the "fruit that last" that is given to all those that open their heart to receive the free gift of salvation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ who bore our sins on the cross. That is the lasting thing that nothing in the world, not even death itself, can take away from us. Priceless!