USA – Harvest Kids to Fairview Bible church - June 17, 2017          

After many delays, Wayne’s vision to take representatives of the Harvest Kids to visit the church family of his childhood have come to reality. Wayne credits much of his desire to reach out to the lost to the Fairview bible church families focus on missions locally and to other countries when he was being taught what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus in his youth. The Fairview Bible church is located on the Olympic peninsula. We thank Wayne for being faithful to that vision to return and witness and encourage the church families mission mindset. Much thanks to the families that have released these young people to be His ambassadors. The group will be a part of a youth event at Fairview with youth from different church families in the area and will be spending the night in the church facility. A crazy way to celebrate Father’s Day, but also pretty special to our Father in heaven to see His kids come together this way. Thanks to Matthew, Michael, Ozzie, Rylee, Vashanti, Destiny, Ashley, Shelby and Braelyn for representing Jesus and the Harvest Kids. Thanks to Wayne, Shane and Joanna for being willing to provide the leadership and over-sight for this team.

USA – “Harvest Kids”, June 24, 2017

What a Blessing to have 14 kids join us on such a beautiful day. Thank you to all of the parents and legal guardians that provided transportation for all of our young disciples. We would like to take the time to thank the many people whom pray and support all His children. We started our day together with welcoming a few new children and look forward to seeing them more. We also would like to express a huge thank you to the people in the area that continually drop off cans here at the Harvest House. We started outdoors playing four-square, a little competition jump rope and tug-a-war. The kids really enjoyed both. We then crushed cans. Ted shared with the kids why & how they make a difference crushing cans and collecting coins for the vulnerable children in Africa. They filled 2 more inches in change and have only 8 more to go until it’s filled for the 11th time. George shared a video with the kids about the vast difference & impact that they have done in helping the children in Africa. We all shared in prayer then lunch prepared by Linda. This was the 4th Saturday so we celebrated birthdays for the month of June. We were gifted with many new kids & adults alike that placed their hand prints on the wall. With the gift of such beautiful weather we went back outside to burn some energy with the ring toss and more 4-square The kids really enjoyed it. Our afternoon with harvest kids was wrapped up with a friendly race to finish a worksheet on the various names of God the Father. We then concluded with bible art on Colossians 2:3 “ Christ, in whom all are hidden all the treasures of wisdom & knowledge”.

USA – HV Celebration June 4, 2017          

We had a wonderful time getting together and celebrating what God is doing through the ministry! After the potluck we enjoyed some music lead by Armando Lopez with a few new faces on the worship team. We also enjoyed testimonies from the most recent Mexico trip as well as George and Linda’s recent trip to Africa. After a word from George Henson the worship team returned to the stage to play some new songs lead by the Holy Spirit and many received prayer. Thank you to all who participated and who took the time to make it all possible! Special thank you to Crossroads for letting us use the building and some awesome volunteers! We are working on planning the next Harvest Vision Worship Service for Saturday September 16, 2017 also at Crossroads.

USA  – Kulshan Apt Street Fair, June 10, 2017

Thanks to Mount Vernon police officer, Edgar Serrano, who helps organize and coordinate the Kulshan Street Fair that allows all of the people from these four apartment complexes in Mount Vernon to come together for a great day of community fellowship. Whatever you might would have wanted you could find it here: garage sales, vendors with real Mexican food and drinks of all types and even the new-trend spinners for the kids. Thanks to Armando Lopez and his family that helped with setting up the worship trailer and organizing the team of gifted musicians that made this such a special day. From the blowing of the shofar to begin this sacred assembly. Sacred, because the presence of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit prevailed even as the rain clouds hovered overhead throughout the day yet not a drop of rain hit the pavement. Thanks to Dennis for helping over-all and Art, Jeanette, Alicia and Dean for leading the worship. We were blessed to meet many friends that came to the fair throughout the day and some of them joined to share their musical gifts with us and others we were able to pray with and for throughout the day. What better way to finish the day – Armando called in the evening to share that one of the young men that had helped us throughout the day made a decision to accept Jesus when he gave him a ride home. We are looking forward to more events throughout the summer, starting with groups of different musicians throughout the area playing on the worship trailer from July 1-4 at the Riverfront Park in Sedro Woolley from 11am-7pm every day. If you are interested in participating, contact Dina at 360-421-0548 or Armando at 360-770-3675. We will also be back for the next Kulshan street fair on August 26th, which is also George’s 70th birthday.

Africa – May salvations, June 10, 2017

Even though we haven’t received the testimonies from all the coordinators for the month of May, we did receive testimonies from David in northern Uganda and from Evariste in Burundi. Lot’s of miracles happened and all 10 of the outreaches they coordinated during the month, but the greatest miracle of all is those that the Holy Spirit prompted to received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We are thankful to be witness to those 1, 138 that have now taken their rightful place in the kingdom and have received their inheritance. We are 1, 138 times stronger as a family than we were just a short time ago. Thank you for those that pray and support the workers from the USA and Mexico and thank you for these leaders and the believers that help bring the gospel to their communities and take on the responsibility to teach them to be true disciples.

Blog USA-Smokey Point Rest Area June 2-5, 2017

It began with a phone call from DOT in Everett saying they had a cancelation, would we like to volunteer at the Northbound Smokey Point Rest Area for June 2-5. Even though we were scheduled for the weekend before at the southbound, we agreed. It was the best weekend ever… there were so many stories and witness of God’s Spirit being present. From, giving a young lady a ride to Arlington to praying for and with many people. We met a gentleman who could recite scripture and while the Friday midnight crew heard the entire chapter of Psalm 119, the next evening he returned and recited Psalm 51… If you have a witness to share, let us know. The donations came to $941 to further God’s Kingdom. Thank You to everyone that volunteered goodies and their time. We will get to be blessed this way four (4) more times during this year – August 18 – 21, September 8 – 11, November 3 – 6, and December 22 – 25. Please contact Linda if you are available to volunteer for any of these dates, or able to donate cookies

Blog – USA Garage Sale June 2-3, 2017

God granted us beautiful weather for the weekend of our garage sale. One day was overcast and cool, the next was warm and sunny. (But no rain) A Big Thank you to everyone that donated items that people could find the treasure they were looking for, from a small child’s toy to a wooden bookcase or oak table. It was a time of getting to know people and share the love of Jesus with them. Thank you to Paula, Sheila, Harriett, Sarah, Isaac, Dale, Gary and Laly for giving of your time to help out for those two days and to our neighbor, Virginia for loaning us tables for the event. We displayed signs and a mosquito net and a water jug as visuals for everyone to see and shared with them that the proceeds were going for things like the nets and clean drinking water to children in Africa. $920.50 was the amount we received to further the Kingdom

Africa - God's provisions, June 1, 2017

Pr. Evariste coordinates Harvest Vision Ministries in Burundi. He organizes outreaches, strengthens existing church families and helps start new ones and over-sees the Bible schools. At the coordinator’s conference in Uganda in April, he shared that his glasses that he uses to read were no longer correcting his vision. He is so thankful for the donation that allowed him to get the proper prescription and he is now able to continue the work without the headaches and frustration of not being able to see properly. Pr. Charles coordinates Harvest Vision Ministries in Kayunga in central Uganda. His wife, Meriam, and their 4 children live in a rented one room about 10’x10’ with a concrete floor, shared toilet outside and cook their meals on their part of the porch out front. Pr. Charles shared that when some Muslim women in the community accept Jesus, they are beaten, their clothes and possessions burned and they are sent out into the streets. Often, they seek shelter or help from Charles, Meriam and their family. They were able to get a small property and started to build their own small home, lacking just the funds for the roof and doors. Again, the Lord provided a donation which helped them finish their new home.
“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. If anyone has material possessions and see his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words and tongue but with actions and truth.” 1 John 3:16-18

Africa – Sarah Light visits Kampala, June 1,2017

David & Suzan & their 1 year old son, Azriel, were blessed by having Sarah Light and her 1 year old daughter, Joyce, visit with them in Kampala, Uganda. Sarah is the late widow of John Light, who was serving as the Harvest Vision coordinator in South Sudan, until his death this spring. After fleeing from the rebels into the desert from their home in Juba, South Sudan, last year, their 3-year old daughter died while they were without food and water for those few days. Later, John, Sarah and their 3 other children, which included Rebecca & Isaac, were able to seek refuge in Uganda, where after 9 months of battling tuberculosis, typhoid and eventually cancer, John went to be with the Lord. Pr. Martin and Prossy were privileged to return to South Sudan with Sarah and the family for the burial in April. Sarah took the children to visit John’s home village in South Sudan after the burial for a visit before returning to Uganda where she could find support for the education of her children as a refugee. John’s family made the decision that Rebecca & Isaac should remain in the village until they learn their father’s native language. Sarah came to Uganda to renew her refugee status so she could return and get the two older children and then return to Uganda. Suzan said of her visit, “Joyce turned 1-year old this month. She is such a jolly lovely soul. So much like her father. When Sarah comes back, she wants to join adult school so that she can improve her English and her general well being. She is such a positive young lady and very motivated to move on with her life. Pray that she gets reunited with her children soon. Pray that the Lord provides for her children’s education. Please keep Sarah in your prayers.”

USA – Early Christmas shopping, May 31,2017


“It was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists and some to be pastors and teachers to prepare God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.” Ephesians 4:11-13

Early Christmas shopping? How about getting something to put at the foot of the cross instead of the traditional tree? We are so blessed to be co-laborers with the people in these offices of ministry that are bringing the gospel to those that are lost and then teaching them to be true disciples of Jesus Christ. Please consider whether you can help the meet the needs of the Harvest Vision coordinators in Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda and the DRCongo. Ted & Jeremy Brockmann and Dan & Nate Lenhart are traveling to Africa the end of August and will be able to take some much needed equipment to help those in the harvest fields. We will be needing to purchase or have donated: 3 smart phones (~$200/ea unlocked); 4 laptops with DVD capability (~$300 refurbished); a set of wireless & extra mics for spares ($380); 2 projectors ($350); portable sound system ($1,000); 2 keyboards ($320/ea); 5 sets of tent, air mattress, pump, sleeping bag & security torch (~$200). Maybe you could donate some portion or the entire costs of any one of these items. If you, your family or group could donate $3,600 that would purchase an entire set of sound & video equipment with generator for one of the new 12 coordinators that we are hoping to have established in the harvest fields during the next year. We have been blessed to witness over 250,000 people come to salvation since we started with these small sets of equipment and we are praying for a greater harvest with each breath and with each heartbeat.

US Ministry- Smokey Point Rest Area- May 26-29,2017


What a wonderful time it was to hand out coffee and cookies to weary travelers through this Memorial weekend. Thank-you to all that volunteered their time and home-made or bought cookies and brownies. I know that there are many special moments that happened throughout the whole weekend. Moments when Jesus was there in your voice as you greeted the people and handed them a cup of coffee and cookie, or when you asked, “How is your day?”, or” Where are you headed?” It always surprises me when the people acknowledge how grateful they are that we are there for them, but then, I’ve been a weary traveler myself, on occasion. The rest area is not only a fun fund-raising opportunity for us, but also, a time that we can share the love of Jesus with many people. I am happy to say that there was $587 donated to help further the Kingdom. God granted us the opportunity to repeat the blessing next week-end on the northbound side. And, we have volunteered 4 more times through this year – Aug.18-21, Sept. 8-11, Nov.3-6 and Dec. 22-25, so, if you are available to help in any way for these times, please contact Linda Henson. We want to extend this opportunity (Volunteering time or making cookies) to as many of our fellowship as we can.

USA – Harvest Kids, May 27, 2017

“This is the day that Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” What a beautiful and sunny day that the Lord provided for this Harvest Kids Saturday. Many thanks to Joanna and Linda for doing much of the preparation for this special time with the kids. They were unable to stay for the entire morning, but made sure that Veronica, Erika and Isaac had the makings for lunch and special lessons and games for the kids with the theme of “All about love!” The kids had fun doing the hula hoops and jump rope, before going to town on crushing cans. The kids have enough cans that we will have to take a trip to the recycle soon. They also added another 2 ½” of coins to the bullet. They only have 12” to go and they will have filled up the entire bullet for the 11th time. They have witnessed their donations show the love of Jesus to many vulnerable children in Central Africa since they made up their minds to do what they could to “Change the World”. After lunch and celebrating May birthdays, they enjoyed a lot of inter-active games that were centered on the teachings of Jesus about love in Matthew 22:34-46. When Jesus was asked, “Of all the commandments, which is the most important?” His response: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” It should be obvious to the most casual observer why Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Mt 19:14. Who is teaching you how to be like Jesus? “At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, ‘Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?’ He called a little child and had him stand among them. And He said: ‘I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Mt 18:1-4 

USA – Help finish the worship center in San Luis, Mexico, May 26,2017

We are so thankful for everyone that has walked into the vision for the fellowship center next to the mission home in San Luis, Mexico. This has always been the vision – to have a place where we can minister to those in our neighborhood and that would be available to draw people from other parts of the city, including cardboardcity in the outskirts and the ejidos (small villages outside the city) for prayer, praise, fellowship and other acts of worship as one body. To prepare and equip all the saints to do the varied ministries that are necessary to reach the lost and strengthen and teach them to be true disciples. The center has bathrooms, storage for tables & chairs, sound & video equipment, a kitchen to prepare meals and a baptismal that would be available to serve the body of Christ as the Holy Spirit leads.

We need your help.

Please join us in prayer and ask the Lord if this is a work that He would want you to help support financially. Miguel and Olivia, the directors of Harvest Vision Mexico, have been working with local people that can help finish the baptismal and the roof. The roof is designed for supports and welded trusses and then the iron sheets attached. The costs for the baptismal is $450 and the costs for the materials and labor for the roof is $4,800. Donations can be sent to Harvest Vision Ministries, PO Box 733, Sedro Woolley, WA, 98284 or can be made electronically by visiting the website. Please check out the website or call Angie at 360-853-5650 for more information.

USA – Worth repeating, May 26, 2017

While wandering through the memories, I found this that the Holy Spirit prompted me to share last year. It encouraged me, so I share again with that hope as I reflect with great joy on the salvations of people in our local community in Skagit Valley, Washington. We had a couple live in Mexico for a few years and we were always anxious to hear what was going on in the ministry but it was difficult for them to keep us up to date. We were always amazed, when we could get them to share, about all the things that they were doing to touch the lives of others, especially when it included so many people coming to salvation - one here and occasionally 2 or 3 at the same time. You could hear the joy of the Lord as they shared the testimony of each one. We realized that they were living the life of the gospel and they were always expecting God to draw the hearts of people to Himself. Because we weren't used to seeing that in our community it was difficult to not think they had become "casual' about "there will be more joy over one that repents than ninety- nine righteous people that don't have to". The same thing in Africa, where we have to work hard to encourage them to take the time to share the salvation testimonies of the people who benefited from having the sets of equipment available they use for the planned outreaches. There are so many every day that are saved through the work of the Holy Spirit - through individual and group evangelism, they simply give God the glory and begin to disciple the new believer into presenting the good news to others so they can also be free. As I sit here, the Lord brings back memories of these last years in Skagit Valley. We have now been restored to that level of expectancy. The Lord put this scripture on my heart as He flooded my heart and mind with the memories of His faithfulness these last 20 years as we fellowship with so many, some from the start of that new life to people we met this last week. 

"Give thanks to the Lord, call on His Name; make known among the nations what He has done. Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts. Glory in His Holy Name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always. Remember the wonders He has done, His miracles and the judgements He pronounced, O descendants of Israel His servant, O sons of Jacob, His chosen ones." 1 Chronicles 16:8-12.

What a special thing to remember each one, all so special, and all for His Glory. Over the years we have witnessed locally the salvations of those from different faiths - Wican, Mormons, Jehovah Witness and even Muslim. At men 's and women's small groups, conferences and in the van on the way down or back to Mexico. We have pulled the boat to the side of the Skagit River to witness the miracle and baptize them right there. We have taken people hiking, kayaking, fishing and camping and seen their lives changed before we get home. We have seen the miracle repeat itself serving at the rest area, the car wash or during the garage sale. We have had people make their decision athouse church, a ministry celebration, Harvest Kids, at the park, the beach and the playground. We have had them make that commitment at the worship trailer after the July 4th parade, the skateboard park at midnight, people visiting the Skagit County fair and the homeless at the Walmart parking lot. We have met complete strangers at McDonald's and rest areas traveling on mission trips to Mexico that made that decision as well as people on the ferry traveling to Canada. A man staggered to the back of Harvest Home a while back to drop off a bag of beer cans and walked straight away 15 minutes later a new man. We have witnessed God moving the same way as we visit the hospital, convalescent centers, dementia wards, the jail, the 3rd floor psyche ward, in the parking lot after an AA meeting, the migrant camp, the children's playground at an apartment or reading a tear-stained letter from someone that received a letter while in prison. Just meeting people when shopping or walking around our neighborhood, we have witnessed the same life changes. The Father touches one of His children, the Holy Spirit convicts them, Jesus made the Way and sometimes we get to be the messenger. And now, we are an expectant believer, just as a mother expects to soon hold the child she has birthed in her womb. 

"Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision" Joel 3:14

"I tell you, now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation." 2 Cor 6:2

USA - Marriage Covenant Ceremony eat the cake May 21,2017

What a blessing to have these six couples join with other couples locally and from Mexico and Africa that have committed their lives and marriages to the work of Jesus Christ as He prepares the Church to be His Bride. This was the marriage covenant ceremony at Lyman Baptist on Sunday, May 21st. After the couples reconfirmed their covenant vows with each other as husband and wife, each couple placed a lock onto the foot of the cross as their commitment to “deny themselves and pick up their cross and follow Him” so they may “serve, rather than be served” for the building of God’s Kingdom. These couples with 150 years of combined marriage joined forces with their co-laborers around the world for the strengthening of the Body of Christ. Of course, the celebration isn’t over until we see that we can “have the cake and eat it too”! It is obvious that every couple loves Jesus, each other and cake. What a day for the family of God.

USA – Helping win souls in Africa, May 24, 2017

Thanks to everyone that prays for the work of the gospel locally and around the world. Through the faithful support of our co-laborers, we were able to meet many needs which will help these faithful servants as they continue to make so many sacrifices to bring light into the darkness of these nations.

1) A roof and doors for the home of Pr. Charles & Merian and their 4 children. Charles, pastors the local church and coordinates outreaches in Kayunga, central Uganda.

2) Financial support for the remaining term of Sharon’s nursing school. Sharon is the fiancée of Evangelist Christopher who coordinates outreaches, plants churches & trains leaders in Nebbi, northwest Uganda.

3) Eight beehives that will be used to make honey and provide support for widows in Christopher’s village in northwest Uganda.

4) Repair the ministry car that Pr. Evariste uses for transportation. Recently, Evariste starting rebuilding his home that was bombed years ago because he can no longer afford the rent in the city. This puts him in need of the vehicle, which has not ran for the last three years. Evariste coordinates outreaches, plants churches & trains leaders in Burundi.

5) Additional inventory for a retail business that Evangelist Augustine and his wife, Rachel, use as their sustainability project to provide income for their home and family. Augustine coordinates outreaches and helps plant churches in the eastern DRCongo.

6) Financial support to help Pr. Billy and his family in eastern Uganda where Billy coordinates outreaches, over-sees church families, plants new churches and trains leaders. Billy’s family was recently attacked and many of their possessions and money stolen. He also had to move his family to another home.

We are currently waiting for an estimate to replace the generator that Pr. Simon uses to support outreaches in north Uganda along the Ethiopia border.

We appreciate all your prayers and support that help bring in this great harvest of souls.                

USA – Marriage Covenant Ceremony, May 21, 2017

We were so blessed by the six couples that came together to reconfirm their covenant as husband and wife and then corporately to serve together for the work of the kingdom of Jesus Christ at the Marriage Covenant Ceremony at Lyman Baptist on May, 21st. Those that participated were Pr. Joe & Nellie Miller, 47 years as a pastor and celebrating 50 years of marriage on Aug 4th; Chuck & Lynn Griffin, Lynn serving as Director of Child’s Evangelism Fellowship and celebrating 45 years on June 10; Ken & Jeannie Cornett, celebrating 27 years of actively serving the Lord in marriage on Dec. 26; Marcelle & Cherise Jones, evangelist and founder of Holy Ghost Riders Christian music ministry celebrating 15 years on June 21; Jake & Sarah Self, actively serving in the Lyman Baptist church family and celebrating 8 years on July 25 and Kelly & Lisa Davis, working with Harvest Vision Ministries and celebrating 5 years on June 15. They represent a combined total of 150 years of marriage and parenting 37 children and 81 grandchildren & great grandchildren. Thanks to the Lyman Baptist church family that provided the venue and support and everyone that helped set up and clean up. George shared a message and Ted administered the vows to each couple and afterward, each couple placed an engraved lock on the foot of the cross. The cross had the locks from other couples that participated in February and each couple will find a location and throw their key away to represent their commitment to the work of the kingdom. The directors of the ministry in Mexico and Africa, along with their co-laborers, have done likewise in their countries and those crosses are a symbol of that kingdom commitment. The evening included beautiful songs, a potluck and the traditional sharing of the cupcakes. Jesus’ prayer to the Father was, “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that You sent Me and have loved them even as You have loved Me.”

USA –Harvest Vision Car Wash Fundraiser, May 22, 2017

Thanks to Joanna, Shane & Veronica for organizing the car wash that was held on Saturday, May 20, 2017 and the many volunteers that helped make this fundraiser a wonderful time of fellowship. We would like to Thank Les Schwab in Sedro Woolley, WA for the use of their parking lot for this event. We would also like to thank Harvest Kids and the parents for their hard work and time. There was lots of humor and laughter and joy as the kids played with the water and washed cars. We would like to thank all of the gifts that were received by all whom donated. Relationships were strengthened, new ones were started and faith was shared. Everyone’s donation of time and resources were needed to make this a success. The event raised $548 to help Harvest Vision fund many projects

Africa – Ministry update, May 16, 2017

We are still having problems with the internet service in the office in Kampala, Ug which is making it difficult to communicate with the coordinators in their different areas and with the USA. We are hoping to find a solution soon. We have had difficulty connecting to Pr. Billy (E. Uganda), because the sound & video equipment, laptop and phone were all taken when he was robbed. We are hoping to have an update soon. The situation in South Sudan is critical with the on-going war and we are praying for our Christian leaders and families there. Pr. Martin and Prossy are tentatively scheduled to visit them in June to encourage them and see how we may help them reach those people in their community with the gospel. Please join us in prayer and, if possible, donate directly or help with some of the upcoming fundraisers to meet some of their more immediate needs. Crucial to the continuing work is to put a roof & doors on Pr. Charles & Meriam’s home in Kayunga, Ug. He is our newest coordinator and they have 4 children. He is now responsible for sound & video equipment and they often have to provide temporary shelter for new believers that are removed from their families because of their choice to follow Jesus. They are currently in a single small room and being asked by the landlord to pay for the next 6 months rent. Charles estimates that it will costs $987 USD to be able to move into their new home they have been building. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made electronically ( or mailed to PO Box 733, Sedro Woolley, WA, 98284.

USA – “Harvest Kids with CEF”, May 13, 2017

We would like to take the time to thank the family, friends & volunteers that pray and support all the children. We started out the day by team tic-tac-toe then moved right into jump rope outside. It was a bit chilly yet beautiful. Cans were plentiful for stomping this Saturday. Thank you to all the family friends and neighbors that stop by to drop off these cans & The San Juan Motel for collecting them as well. The kids with instructions from Linda then planted peas in the planter built last year. We then moved indoors to have interactive play with the see-n-say ball. This gives everyone a chance to get to know more about one another.  Wayne helped the kids measure and add the change to the bullet that is used to help the vulnerable children in Africa. We were blessed to have Lynn Griffin with Child Evangelist Fellowship here today to teach through interactive learning. Victor so carefully drilled shells that were later used to make necklaces with. While some of the kids colored pictures that Lynn provided in cooperation with a testimony she shared with the kids about a missionary family. It went along with the lesson of what it is to be a missionary.