USA – Harvest Vision Mexico trip shopping fundraiser, Dec 16, 2017

Many thanks to Crossroads Covenants Church in Burlington for allowing us to use the Common Ground facility for this shopping fundraiser to support the mission team going to Mexico over the Christmas holidays. Thanks to our many vendors that came and supported the event and for those that came and helped set up and clean up after the event. Thanks to those that braved the weather and came to lend their support. We were able to raise $250 for the trip and the Harvest Kids collected about $20 in change which will purchase two more mosquito nets for the orphans in Central Africa. It is always amazing to witness people enjoying fellowship with one another and getting to know each other better. “How pleasant it is to see brothers living together in unity.” Psalms 133:1   

USA – David & Goliath, Dec 15, 2017

“Imagine you are David the squirrel facing Goliath the cat and all you have is a pouch of sunflower seeds. This bird house was built and anointed by the Harvest Kids to be a place of peace for all of God's creatures. What a wonderful picture of why Jesus came to the world. "The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. The infant will play near the hole of the cobra, and the young child put his hand into the viper's nest. They will neither harm nor destroy on all My holy mountain, for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea." Isaiah 11:6-9  

USA – Finally, it has arrived, Dec 15, 2017

“The days are near when every vision will be fulfilled. None of My words will be delayed any longer; whatever I say will be fulfilled, declares the Sovereign Lord.” (Ez 12:23, 28)

The Apostle Paul shared with King Agrippa his testimony of what the Lord had spoke to him and he told the King, “I was not disobedient to the vision from heaven.” (Acts 26:19)

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” (Ps 27:14)

The waiting is over. We have finally after a number of years, purchased our own t-shirt machine. Blake & Kylee Walker have allowed us to set up shop in their garage and soon Joanna, Rabecca, Angie and Veronica will be making up the shirts for the mission team leaving on Wednesday for San Luis, Mexico. Thanks to Rabecca for assembling the machine for us. Jesus promised, “If you BELIEVE, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” (Mt 21:22)

USA – Christmas caroling at Life Care Center, Dec 14, 2017

“Sing to God, sing praise to His Name, extol Him who rides on the clouds – His Name is the Lord – and rejoice before Him. A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families, He leads forth the prisoners with singing….” Psalm 68:4-6a. A couple of weeks ago, Ted asked the kids at house church what they wanted to do and they said they wanted to go visit our friend Jim that lives at the Life Care Center in Sedro Woolley. At the end of their visit, the kids prayed for Jim, Jim prayed for them and then he said that the Lord had told him that we should come back and sing Christmas carols. The Life Care Center staff was delighted at the prospect and we were blessed with a wonderful evening of singing, sharing, praying and witnessing joy abound in residents and staff. Many thanks to Fred who joined us with his guitar and Linda for getting the music together and leading the group. The joy of the Lord is our strength.    

Africa – November salvations, Dec 14, 2017

Jesus said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest fields.” (Mt 9:37-38)

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always to the very end of the age.” (Mt 28:18-20)

We are grateful for our co-laborers in the USA who pray and financially support our co-laborers in the fields of Central Africa. Many of these workers were sacrificing every day, facing difficult and many times life-threatening situations: violence, sickness, little or no food or clean water and no medical help, when we first met them. Others have joined and their testimony is that they have been more effective because of the prayers, support and sound & video equipment that has been available to them. We are blessed and encouraged that 7 of the outreaches in November were organized by our 3 coordinators that just received their equipment from summer to within the last month. Over 61 days in November were spent doing outreaches in 10 different areas within 5 different countries. Almost 4,000 new believers accepted Jesus and 200 of those were baptized. Because of the intentional discipleship that is afforded these new believers in local church families, we know that many more receive salvation through them sharing their personal testimonies and through the outreaches and crusades that these local church families do without the use of the equipment that we have provided.     

USA – “Harvest Kids with CEF”, Dec 9, 2017

First we would like to take the time to continue to encourage the many people who pray and support all of Gods children. We would also like to thank the many people who continually drop off cans here at the Harvest House as well as the other locations. What a beautiful yet blustery day to crush cans. After, we joined together to count the donated change, gaining another 4 children on the chart for mosquito nets. With much excitement about this it was time to do more for Gods kingdom, Working with items that Gary Hunter had brought, they put together ‘Necessity Bags’ for the homeless. These bags contained a note written by Harvest Kids letting them know how much God loves them. They also contained items such as wipes; bandages; comb; razor; soap; snack crackers ect. These bags were used at the Harvest Vision Celebration as part of a challenge to ask people to place 1 or 2 in the car and hand out to the homeless as the spirit leads. Following our lunch we were blessed with Lynn Griffin and Inna from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship. They gave the kids an inspiring message about faith and trusting God through the darkness. It captured everyone’s attention, children and adults alike. Mathew 18:3 “Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”. It was certainly a glorious day enjoyed by all serving others and doing works for those in His Kingdom.   

Africa – Expanding the kingdom, December 09,2017        

    Pr. Billy’s wife, Teddy, in E. Uganda is responding to the treatment for her brain infection and her health is improving. Billy is the coordinator for E. Uganda. A couple of months ago, one of the believers in Mbale, where Billy’s main church family is located, moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and began to share her faith. Over that time, she and her friends frequently called Billy in Africa for prayer and many people have been healed and delivered. The believers finally raised the money to bring him to Dubai to continue the ministry. He left yesterday for 5 days.

    The daughter of one of the pastor’s at the HV Kibuli fellowship in Kampala, Uganda recently married a pastor in W. Kenya and moved there. The Lord called them to leave the church fellowship that he had been ministering in and purchase a property and start a church fellowship with HVM. They will work under the covering of a registered ministry in Kenya until Harvest Vision is registered in Kenya. Prossy is going to do a 2 week crusade on Dec 26th. We are currently registered in Uganda and South Sudan. The ministry in the other countries are under the registered ministry that the coordinator had already started when they became involved with Harvest Vision.

     Pr. Charles in Kayunga, C. Uganda, has 5o pastors that are working with him and Pr. Martin is going Dec 15th to meet with them. They are working together and Charles is now in need of a second set of sound & video equipment to facilitate the upcoming outreaches.

   The money sent for the medical treatment for Augustine who coordinates the ministry in DRCongo paid for the diagnosis of his problem and the treatment has already radically improved his health.    

    There is still very little food and no work in South Sudan, but the believers and others are returning because there is no other place for them to live. Prossy will be moving to South Sudan in January to help teach pastors and coordinate the evangelistic ministry. Pr. Bosco will continue to over-see the South Sudan Harvest Ministry and the church families that are planted. This will require getting a visa for her, providing monthly support for the outreaches and a small place for her to live. Another ministry that Prossy worked with in north Uganda will be helping restore the main church building but will require us to purchase the sand and brick. We will also need to purchase sound equipment in South Sudan for her to use for the outreaches. Please pray for these and our other co-laborers and if prompted, please help us financially support the workers in these difficult but fertile fields.    



Mexico – Ministry update, December 09,2017    

Because Jesus said:  “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for the harvest!” John 4:35. We are so thankful that Miguel and Olivia help us keep our eyes (and hearts) open as they continue to reach out to those that are lost and hurting in their sphere of influence at the same time they are preparing and equipping other local Christian leaders to reach out to those they have been called to minister to. They had the second feeding ministry at the fellowship center next to the mission home on Saturday, December 9th and will be doing the third when they are joined by the mission team from Washington over Christmas. The evening before they accompanied Mision Jireh with the worship trailer to being the message of hope to those that are in one of the local alcohol and drug rehabs in San Luis. They are also in prayer with Pr. Jaime from Mision Jireh on plans to send the new sound and video equipment to our new Harvest Vision coordinator, Pr. Obed, in Michoacan in south Mexico. They will also be visiting with Pr. Obed in Michoacan after the first of the year to encourage and support him and the local pastors that are partnering with him to work together to reach the 100,000 people that live in the small town of Apatzingan, where they live and are starting the ministry from.    


USA – HV Celebration December 09,2017              

We had a wonderful time getting together and celebrating what God is doing through the ministry! There were many displays to be enjoyed with a new display prepared by Cheryl Walsh on How to help the homeless. After the potluck we enjoyed music lead by Dina Manke, and Fred DeVries. George Henson recapped the vision set from the Fall Banquet a year ago. Then  Ted and Joanna presented local ministry and Harvest kids, followed by Angie on Mexico and Wayne presented Africa. Everyone followed a PowerPoint showing different pictures of what had been accomplished from that vision, barely scratching the surface of the many works in all the countries that Harvest Vision ministers in.  There was a collection taken on behalf of Harvest Kids of loose change to help and add  with the moneys they are raising to replace mosquito nets for the schools helped by Harvest Vision in Africa. There was a total of $78.65 collected.  The Harvest Kids and Gary Hunter put together gallon bags containing things like deodorant; razor; soap; snack crackers; combs; wipes; bandages, etc…, and a note letting them know that God Loves them, calling them ‘Necessity Bags’ to be handed out to homeless people as the Spirit directed. After passing out to people who volunteered, the remainder of bags were given to Karen and Cal from Fair View Bible Church to challenge members of their Church to pass out to the Homeless in their area. The Challenge consists of having people take them and place 1 or 2 ‘Necessity Bags’ in their car and reach out to the homeless. We were blessed to be joined by many new friends, sharing in fellowship after the Celebration.  Thank you to all who participated and who took the time to make it all possible! Special thank you to Crossroads for letting us use the building and some awesome volunteers who help with sound!




Africa – November Burundi salvations & baptisms, Dec 6, 2017

We are so thankful for Pr. Evariste and his evangelism team in Burundi. During the month of November, they were able to coordinate 8 outreaches with local church families in different provinces. 531 accepted Jesus, 230 were baptized and they are now being discipled in local church families. During December, Evariste will have pastors from the Makamba, Cankuzo, Ngozi, Muyinga, Kirundo, Kayanza, Bujumbura, Bubanza and Gitega provinces to discuss their outreaches for the year, share any problems that they have had and work on solutions and to plan outreaches for 2018.    

USA –Harvest Kids Rock Climbing, Dec 3, 2017

Many thanks to Fred, Rusty & Robbie DeVries who shared their passion for rock-climbing by sponsoring the Harvest Kids boys to join them at the Riverstone Climbing Gym in Burlington on Sunday afternoon, Dec 3rd. This is a hidden “Gem” right here in our own community that none of our Harvest Vision team knew existed. Blake and Jesse, who work at the facility were very fun to work with and helped everyone, adults and kids, along with Fred and his sons, to have a safe and fun adventure. Thanks to Shane for picking up and dropping off the kids and to all the parents and guardians that allowed them to be with us. Once the kids received their training and built up their trust in the equipment and those that were holding the ropes, the kids enjoyed competing with themselves and each other the rest of the evening. Before we left, we gathered together so Ted could share some scriptures relating to Jesus as our “rock”, and how when we climb the walls we learn to put our weight on the “rocks” to support us as we make the way to the top. The rock climbing term for the one holding the ropes is “valet”. That person supports us if we slip or just need to rest our arms, the same way that Jesus does as we each climb our journey of faith. The kids (of all ages, including George at 70) are thankful to everyone that prays and supports Harvest Kids. 

USA –Bake Sale Fundraiser 12-2-17

Saturday afternoon we set up a Bake Sale fundraiser in front of Cascade Fabric in Sedro Woolley, on main street. This took place in cooperation with the parade & tree lighting. Thank you to Bobbie the owner for allowing us to utilize the awning & store front. Madi, Hailey, & Laly worked very hard at selling the baked goods & share the gospel with others. We were fortunate to see many friends old and new. The girls braved the cold wrapped in blankets with determination to serve others. We raised $97 at this event. This fundraiser will benefit the Mexico team going to San Luis, for two weeks over Christmas! Thank you to all of those who stopped by to have a word or purchase baked goods. We would also like to give thanks to everyone who baked and donated goods for this cause.

Mexico – November mission, November 14-23, 2017

Many thanks to Miguel and Olivia for a warm welcome when George and Linda arrived with the sewing supplies, a welder and the sound and video equipment that will be used by the new coordinator in Michoacan in south Mexico. George was able to share at a local rehab with the men from Mision Jireh, then Linda traveled the next day to Phoenix to pick up Ted and Wayne. They stopped to visit Joan Mason in Phoenix and she kindly donated some of the very few dishes she has to be used for the children’s feeding ministry in Mexico. The week was filled with fellowship with local pastors, including dinner with Pr. Mario Cervantes family, and friends in the neighborhood, including a visit with Josefina and Brenda at their home. The group shared at Mision Jireh and were able to participate in a fundraiser the church family had to support their mission trip to Michoacan in August of next year. It was a joy to see the worship trailer used at the fundraiser and to know that it is being used on a regular basis to support ministry in and around the city. The group was able to build shelves in the storage sheds, paint the bathrooms and finish the work in the kitchen, including installing the stove and sink that will be used to cook the food for the neighborhood children’s feeding ministry. The evening before Ted and Wayne left, we had a prayer vigil in the fellowship center, using the equipment that will be sent to Michoacan,  thanking God for all of His wonderous works and asking for wisdom and compassion to reach the lost wherever the Lord calls us and to prepare and equip the saints to each do their part in building the Kingdom.    

After taking Ted and Wayne to catch their flight back to Washington, George and Linda were able to visit with our friends Thor & Lynette and Katie’s children, Malaika and Jordan in Yuma. George preached at Centro de Suenos and Olivia worked in the sewing ministry with one of the women from Mision Jireh. What a blessing to share the Thanksgiving meal that was prepared using the stove in the mission home and the stove in the fellowship kitchen (for the first time).    

USA – “Harvest Kids”, November 25, 2017

First, we would like to take the time to continue to encourage the many people who pray and support all of His children. We would also like to thank the many people who continually drop off cans here at the Harvest House, as well as the other locations.  What a beautiful, but blustery day to crush cans. After which we all joined inside to count change to see how many children could be added to the net. They gained another child. There was a short discussion about the funds that remained in the Harvest Kids account, with the unanimous decision to add it to their total. Gaining another 8 children to bring their total to 21 mosquito nets. Joanna then had the children take turns reading Luke 10 aloud to each other, then answered questions pertaining to the lesson. We all had lunch then took turns picking songs for worship. We spent some time playing a game “Guess the Scripture”, eliminating letters on the white board. The kids even took turns picking scripture and teaching each other. We had a craft that coincided with the lesson and memory verse. It was certainly a glorious day, enjoyed by all. Luke 10:2 “The harvest is plentiful, yet the workers are few”.

USA – Harvest Kids at Wayne Watne’s, November 23, 2017

The kids had a half day of school to start the Thanksgiving break. After many days of rain we were blessed with light warm winds and no rain. We went out to the Watne’s home to build a dog house for Walker, their dog. We were a small yet mighty group. Shelby and Ashley worked diligently to try and complete the task before dark. They hammered and even used the radial arm saw. The plans were not on paper so we measured our way for the flooring and framing of Walker’s dog house. Walker even was a champ as he laid down in the frame to ensure that it was bid enough.  As the sun set upon us we were unable to complete our project, so we moved right along to a warm bonfire. We roasted hotdogs on the fire and fellowshipped on the rivers edge. Thank you to Wayne & Rebecca for a wonderful afternoon and evening of fellowship.

This morning we gathered bright and early before the sun came up to start cooking some lovely pancakes for our Christmas Mexico team pancake fundraiser! JoannaNikayla, and Dina picked up the generous batter and syrup donation from IHOP this morning and met Gary E. and Reggie as well as Blake at Crossroads Covenant Church to start cooking and setting up! We were joined by Angela and Veronica who helped us finish setting up. We saw some familiar faces and some new faces and had a wonderful time of food and fellowship! Thank you to all who came to support the team leaving for Mexico over Christmas! We had help from our friends Bruce and Cassiecleaning up. A special thank you to Crossroads Covenant Church for continuously allowing us to use your building to build the kingdom and to IHOP for donating the pancake batter! And of course thank you to the other food/supply donations received for this event!

We have a couple more fundraisers in the next couple weeks before the trip leaves December 20th. Basic info for these events are included in the attached flier as well as contact info if you have questions or would like to get involved! Thank you again for your support and prayers!

christmas team fundraisers.PNG

USA – Harvest Kids with Child’s Evangelism Fellowship, Nov 11, 2017

We are thankful as always for everyone that prays and supports these kids as they come together to share their love for Jesus with each other and to raise money to help vulnerable children in Africa. Thanks also to the parents and guardians that allow their children to come and to the adults that take the time to come and invest in these young people’s lives. It was cold outside, but we gathered together crushing a few cans. We then proceeded to count all of the change that was in the bullet and brought by all. The kids have chosen to retire the bullet temporarily while raising money for the mosquito nets. There was excitement in the air as the kids measured their progress with placing 1 child in the net for every $10 raised to purchase a net. They placed a whopping 12 kids in the net. The kids then went on to write scripture and decorate lunch bags with whatever God put on their heart. These will be used by one of our House Church Groups that are preparing meals for the homeless to be passed out in cooperation with Hope on The Streets our homeless ministry.  After lunch, Lynn Griffin, who currently serves as the Director of Child’s Evangelism Fellowship, brought the kids an interactive lesson that helps teach them the gospel and helps them to memorize scripture, sing, dance and pray. Among all of the excitement we were blessed to add another glorious hand print to the wall!  It is a blessing to witness these young people being transformed week after week. Jesus is the great news! Jesus is the promised one!   


Africa – Burundi & E. Uganda October outreaches, Nov 10, 2017


We are so excited that Pr. Titus, the coordinator for Namaingo in E. Uganda, has been able to coordinate the first outreaches in this area with their own equipment. These pastors have all completed the bible school and are targeting all the villages in the entire district. 19 people were saved in the first three town centers they visited. We are looking forward to many more salvations in the coming year. Pr. Evariste, in Burundi, coordinated 6 outreaches over 12 days and 407 accepted Jesus and are now being discipled in local church families in these communities. We are hoping to replace the sound and video equipment in South Sudan as the ministry is now beginning to be established again after the war and the loss of our founder and coordinator there last year. We are thankful that Pr. Bosco is now taking on that responsibility and is supported by 6 other pastors and leaders that were ordained in October.       

USA- HVM (Harvest Vision Ministries) Decals, November, 8, 2017

Hello! We are proud to say that our NEW 2017 HVM decals have arrived! Thanks to Kylee for ordering them online for us, please contact George  at 360-421-8811 or Linda at 360-421-8812 if you’d like to get yours!

We have 25 decals ready to go to a new window for an $8.00 suggested donation, and if you stop by, either Nikayla, Ryan or anyone at the Harvest Home would be happy to apply the decal for you.



USA- Smokey Point Rest Area, North Bound, November 6, 2017


It was a great weekend at the Smokey Point North Bound Rest Area for our fundraiser. Hundreds of people came and went, but it was the special few that stopped by for a warm cup of hot chocolate, donated, and sat with us to share in the gospel. Not many were compelled to do so, but some prayed with us before they left to reach their destination.

The weather may have been raining or snowing, but none the less, every volunteer for the weekend had a smile on their face and a pep in their step while serving the various people. After 4 days, Harvest Vision made $503.00 - supplies, and had many funny and inspirational stories to tell.

It was an amazing weekend to serve people just as Jesus served others, Galatians 5:13 “You, my brother and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.”

We thank all those people who donated to our ministry with their time, and fresh baked goodies. We could not have raised this money without every person believing in our ministry so that we may build up the Kingdom. God bless.