USA – A sunny day sharing the love of Jesus, March 18, 2019

    Thanks for these friends that spent one of our first sunny Sundays sharing the love of Jesus for all people at this prayer vigil. Most of us met for the first time today. A 95 year old veteran B-17 pilot, a woman from Luxemburg, a former drug addict now a pastor in a ministry started after his daughter was killed by a drunk driver, recovering alcoholics now running an international ministry, a young girl adopted after her mother chose not to abort and young girls that are involved in ministry locally and in Mexico and Africa.

“God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:27)

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.” (Jeremiah 1:5a)

USA – Greenhouse is getting ready for a cover, March 11, 2019

     Many thanks to Fred and Mike for helping us get the wire mesh on the bottom sides of the greenhouse walls and get the wiggle-wire channel attached. We will be closing up the end and setting up the date to install the poly cover over the greenhouse soon. The Harvest Kids have already started seeds for the many plants that they will be growing. Once these starts are transferred into pots in the greenhouse, we will be starting the work on building the aqua-phonics section. Our sister, Rebecca, is busy crafting up a sign which will be hung over the front door. More important than growing plants, we are growing true disciples of Jesus Christ.

In case you forgot how the story goes: “Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden, and there He put the man He had formed. The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” (Genesis 2:8,15,18)

USA – Harvest Kids, March 9, 2019

Many thanks to Laly for inviting her friend, Zoe, to come and join us for breakfast and Harvest Kids this morning. After the kids fixed French toast, we went out to the cold to crush aluminum cans that will be used to support vulnerable children in Africa. The kids had come up with a new game picking up lettered tiles with their toes and spelling their names, which kept them busy until we counted their change that had been donated. They came up with the last of the $40 they needed to start the sewing ministry out of the Nalidi Grace Orphan primary school in east Uganda. They will now start raising money to complete a four classroom primary school in northwest Uganda. Lynn and Christina, from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship, came and enjoyed watching a video of the orphan boys at the Canaan Primary School in Mukono, Uganda that just received the mattresses the kids purchased for them. Afterwards, they did an interactive message out of Psalms 119:9-11, which the kids memorized and then Christina gave a message about David’s defeat of Goliath. After the message, they enjoyed going out in the sun and trying a slingshot to knock down Goliath before planting seeds for the new greenhouse being built. Then, the kids joined George for an hour of praying on the sidewalk in Mt. Vernon for the born and unborn.

Africa – The joy of the Lord, March 3, 2019

  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. For those God foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brothers.” (Romans 8:28-29)

  “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” (Luke 19:10)

To Jesus and it should be for us, “to seek” was not an event, an outreach or a once a month program, it was His lifestyle.

   Jesus said, “You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.” (John 15:16)

   We are so blessed to pray and financially support our co-laborers in central Africa. They and their families have committed their time, resources and giftings to bring the light of the truth to everyone in darkness in their communities and nations. They have simply revealed to us: This is our need.

   “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” (1 John 3:16-18)

    During the month of February, these faithful servants coordinated 32 outreaches and witnessed 3,204 people come to faith in Jesus Christ. Now, they work with local church families to ensure they are taught how to be true disciples.

Jesus said, “Rejoice with Me; I have found My lost sheep. I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” (Luke 15:5-7) Each one special and what a privilege to rejoice with the Father and the angels in heaven for almost 5 people every hour of the day in the month are bringing us joy.

USA – Dancing for Jesus, March 3, 2019

A fun afternoon with Cheryl and Tia. It is a joy to witness these beautiful expressions of love as we are learning to worship Jesus by giving Him our undevoted attention. The younger kids have their own way of showing God’s love by their joy of being together on this sunny day. We welcome anyone that wants to come and learn about messianic dancing to come and join with Cheryl at the Harvest Home, 9467 Pierce Lane, Sedro Woolley on March 24 and April 14 from 2-4pm.

    Jesus said, “Open your eyes and look to the fields, they are ripe for harvest.” He also asked His followers to “pray to the Lord of the harvest that He would send workers.” We have been blessed to have relationships with co-laborers in central Africa that have chosen to make their greatest “need” the seeking and saving those that are lost and we are committed to helping them with their need.

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in ‘need’ but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?” (1 John 3:16-17)

     Today we received the first report for February from Pr. Evariste, who over-sees outreaches in Burundi where they had 7 outreaches with 394 people accepting Jesus and have already baptized 60 of them. We are blessed knowing they are being taught how to be true disciples of Jesus Christ. We also just received photos this morning from the outreach that Pr. Simon is currently doing in Samburu, Kenya. He travels and stays in a small tent with the sound and video system ministering to small tribes with many different languages along the Kenya and Ethiopia border. We are blessed to be able to support them and help him with the needs of his family as he spends his time in the harvest fields.

If you would like to make a donation, they can be made on line at www.myegiving/hvmor the “electronic giving” on the home page of the website or through PayPal to If you would like to donate electronically but do not have access to the internet or would like someone to assist you, please call George Henson at 360-421-8811 or Kylee Walker at 360-540-0890. To maximize your gift, on donations directly out of a checking or savings account a fee of $.25 is withheld, while credit and debit cards the fee is $.25 + 2.7%. You can also mail donations to Harvest Vision Ministries, PO Box 733, Sedro Woolley, WA, 98284. All donations are tax-deductible and help advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and build His Kingdom.

USA – Saturday at CEF, Skagit Fisheries and the Harvest Home, March 2, 2019

Many thanks to Isaac who was able to come early this morning to take Sarah to the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group community outreach outside of Sedro Woolley. They gather together to pot small trees that will later be planted along creeks and streams in our county to protect the habitat for the future. That allowed George and Linda to attend a special Child’s Evangelism Fellowship celebration to raise awareness and allow testimonies from a young 18 year old girl that has chosen to dedicate her future to reaching children in Skagit County through the ministry and another young couple with two children that are leaving Whatcom County and moving to Sri Lanka, an island off the coast of India, to reach the people there through the ministry. Later, we enjoyed fellowship and a movie at the Harvest Home and then Madilyn and Hailey helped unload and stack bolts of material that had been donated from Bryant Community Church to support the sewing ministry in Mexico. These two will be spending their school springbreak, along with others, in Mexico sharing the love of Jesus to the people south of the border.

USA – Unplanned and unwanted, March 1, 2019

We are looking forward to God showing the world His Glory through the tragedy of abortion. What God could prevent with His Power, He allows because of His Wisdom. Every baby created by God is for His Glory, in His Image and Eternal. The world, apart from God, must decide what is good and what is evil about pregnancy, wanted and planned or unwanted and unplanned. The attitude of most everyone about wanted pregnancy is joyful. The Kingdom minded Christian is different because they know to thank God and they want the child to know they belong to God - but overall, they are both joyful. The real difference is our attitude about unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. The Kingdom minded Christian is always joyful because in God’s heart and mind, there is no such thing as an “unplanned or unwanted” pregnancy.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before your were born I set you apart…” Jeremiah 1:5a

USA – Smokey Pt. Rest Area ministry, February 25, 2019

Thanks to everyone that supported the outreach ministry at the Smokey Pt. Rest Area on I-5 this weekend. As usual, many people donated nice home-made cookies and other volunteers were available to greet travelers with a hot cup of coffee or chocolate and something sweet to tickle their tongues and warm their stomachs. Most of all, we were able to share the love of the Father along with the right hand of fellowship. Our friends that we had the opportunity to serve also responded with $300 that will be used to support the over-all ministry and bring still others into the kingdom. Jesus said, “I was hungry and you fed Me. I was thirsty and you gave Me something to drink. As much as you did it to the least of these, you did it to Me.”

Africa – January testimonies, February 25, 2019

Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I command. I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from My Father I have made known to you. You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in My Name. This is my command: Love each other.” (John 15:13-17)

We are so blessed and encouraged to be able to pray and support our co-laborers in central Africa that sacrifice so much to coordinate outreaches in their respective areas. They spent 75 days in the field coordinating 26 outreaches in the month of January that witnessed 2,247 coming to faith in Jesus Christ and receiving their rightful inheritance.

The Apostle Paul said, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” (Philippians 3:8)

The thought that is echoing in my mind is that an average of 3 people every hour, 24 hours a day for 31 days in January were born again and joined us in the kingdom. What a wonderful return on investment.

USA – Harvest Kids, February 23, 2019

Many thanks to Linda and Veronica for helping get things set up for the Harvest Kids this morning. These girls were able to count out their change and check off another $26 toward their goal of $200 which will be enough to begin a sewing ministry in the town center close to the Nalidi Grace Orphan primary school in eastern Uganda. This allows these young entrepreneurs to learn a trade and actually begin to be teachers instructing and showing other young people how they can have a small business and begin to provide for their own needs. Many thanks to Lynn and Christina who bring their inter-active Child’s Evangelism Fellowship to our young people every month. Today, the teaching was about David, who had the Father’s heart and their memorization verse was Psalms 119:9-10, “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to Your Word. I seek You with all my heart; do not let me stray from Your commands.” We also showed a short video of the first gathering of the Harvest Kids for the messianic dance and tambourine ministry that started last weekend. Upcoming on Saturday, March 2, the Harvest Kids will be going to help the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group pot small trees for planting right out of Sedro Woolley from 10am-1pm. On Saturday, March 16, from 10am-1pm, the Harvest Kids will be going to help the SFEG plant the trees along a small creek in Marblemount from 10am-1pm. On Sunday, March 3, at the Harvest Home from 2-4pm, we will be having the second meeting of the Harvest Kids messianic and tambourine ministry. If you are interested in helping or have a young child or teen that wants to come we would love to have you. Please contact George at 360-421-8811, Linda at 360-421-8812 or Veronica at 425-244-2525 for information.

USA – The heart of the Father, February 20, 2019

    Early in the morning, I awoke with a deep heaviness in my heart and the Father revealed to me that it was His Heart and pain that He was sharing with me. My wife and I know the journey that we went through the first 10 years of our marriage and not being able to have a child of our own. We also know the pain of losing a child. As Christians we are over-whelmed with opportunities to come together with others of faith for a variety of reasons and we pray that they are all gatherings in response to the call of God. As we look and think everyday about the children God has brought into our lives, we realize that we are God’s creation and that we were made by Him and for Him even before the world as we know it was created. Today in our own community, as well as communities throughout the nation, many of our children will be taken before they are even seen by any of us. It breaks the Father’s heart that many in His Church have not been willing to passionately and actively intercede on His behalf to reconcile everyone involved in abortion to their loving Father in heaven. We seem to have time for everything but that. Our church family, ministries and brother and sisters are always calling us together for various reasons which are pleasing to God and many respond. But on this matter, God Himself has called us. Although God could change it without us, He trusts His people to intercede.

     “If My People, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My Face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

(2 Chronicles 7:14) 

    This is not a promise from the liberals, conservatives, Republicans or Democrats.

Neither is it a promise from your pastor, church family or ministry.

It is a promise from a loving Father that has entrusted to us the ministry of reconciliation. 

Jesus said: “A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world. So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy. In that day you will no longer ask Me anything. I tell you the truth, My Father will give you whatever you ask in My Name. Until now you have not asked for anything in My Name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” (John 16:21-24)

USA – Harvest Kids Messianic dance team, February 17, 2019

     “Every stroke the Lord lays on them with His punishing rod will be to the music of tambourines and harps, as He fights them in battle with the blows of His Arm.” Isaiah 30:32

     Thank you to Cheryl and her daughter, Tia,  that joined the Harvest Kids to put substance to this vision. Cheryl was involved with a team of Messianic worshipers that went on a mission trip to Mexico in 2001 to share their expressions of the love of Jesus through their music and dance using flags, tambourines and banners. Olivia, the director of Harvest Vision Ministries in Mexico, has the same vision and is working with teams of children and youth that are led to worship the Lord this way in San Luis. They will someday be working together. We had already ordered the tambourines and these girls were thrilled to see their love for Jesus, music and dancing coming together. It was an amazing afternoon. The kids had the opportunity to hear Cheryl’s testimony about her trip to Israel and Mexico and how Tia was brought into her family’s life. Tia put her handprint on the wall and added her name to the Harvest Kids birthday board and bonded to the girls in a special way. The ministry will hopefully involve children, youth and adults, male and female and we are hoping that God will use it to bring unity to the Body of Christ. We expect the people involved will be able to share at events such as the local parades, outreaches or just going to dance for Jesus at a local park. We are making no attempt to limit how, who is involved, when or where the Holy Spirit is leading because we are confident of why and that is to bring God glory.

      “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Our next gathering will be on Sunday, March 3rd from 2-4pm at the Harvest Home, 9467 Pierce Lane, Sedro Woolley. We invite anyone that is interested or might be interested to come and join us. For information, please call George at 360-421-8811 or Linda at 360-421-8812.

Africa – South Sudan, Ethiopia & N. Kenya updates, February 15, 2019

   We are thankful that Pr. Martin was able to travel with Sarah, Pr. John Light’s widow, to visit and meet with Prossy and the pastors and leaders in Juba, South Sudan. John Light was the first coordinator in South Sudan and began the ministry there, but went to be with the Lord a few years ago after the rebels forced them to leave their homes and seek refuge in Uganda. After his passing, Prossy felt called to move to South Sudan and re-establish the ministry work there and started by getting support to rebuild the first church building there. That is now complete and the dedication is planned this next Sunday. She also has the sound and video equipment to begin outreaches to the people spread throughout the community and beyond. The costs of living, including transportation, is very high and we are praying for the money needed to purchase a 3-wheeled motor bike to move the equipment where needed. Also the drinking water from the river is causing many to be sick and die so we are praying for a well that will provide water.

    Pr. Simon, the coordinator in north Kenya, is currently working with tribes along the Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia border and is very involved in training pastors and leaders. Much of the outreach and discipleship training is now being done in the many refugee camps along the borders. We will be taking solar-powered audio bibles in seven different languages for Simon with us when we travel to Uganda to meet with all the coordinators in May.

    We continue to be encouraged by the testimonies of the many people coming to salvation and being discipled by trained leaders in Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia and the DRCongo. We are praying for more support to purchase equipment and the support needed for more coordinators that can work with the church families in their areas to organize outreaches that bring people into the kingdom and to train the pastor’s and leader’s. We are praying that resources will be available to allow Pr. Martin to visit each of the areas to support the bible schools and training that these leaders are requesting.

If you would like to make a donation, they can be made on line at www.myegiving/hvmor the “electronic giving” on the home page of the website or through PayPal to If you would like to donate electronically but do not have access to the internet or would like someone to assist you, please call George Henson at 360-421-8811 or Kylee Walker at 360-540-0890. To maximize your gift, on donations directly out of a checking or savings account a fee of $.25 is withheld, while credit and debit cards the fee is $.25 + 2.7%. You can also mail donations to Harvest Vision Ministries, PO Box 733, Sedro Woolley, WA, 98284. All donations are tax-deductible and help advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and build His Kingdom.

Africa, Mexico & USA updates, February 9, 2019

     What a pleasant surprise to receive the testimonies of 349 people that accepted salvation at the 8 outreaches that Pr. Evariste coordinated in Burundi in January. 89 of them have already been baptized and they are all being discipled in local church families. They send their heartfelt thanks for the equipment that was replaced and repaired with donations from Harvest Vision from the USA. We were also encouraged by updates from Pr. Martin on the over-all ministry. He is traveling to South Sudan to visit Prossy, the Harvest Vision coordinator, and other South Sudan pastors and leaders to help them better understand the role that the ministry brings to help the local church families fulfill the great commission in their areas of influence.

     We are looking forward to the testimonies from Pr. Obed, the Harvest Vision coordinator, in Michoacan in south Mexico. He has sent them to Miguel & Olivia, the over-all Mexico coordinator in San Luis, who will translate them and forward them to us. They recently returned from a visit with Pr. Obed and his family and are currently planning a fundraiser to raise money to purchase tables and chairs for the children’s ministry in Michoacan. Afterwards, they will be raising money to bring a team from San Luis, Mexico to Sedro Woolley, WA over the July 4th week. They will be in the Sedro Woolley July 4th parade and be doing local ministry in our community, including working with our new Harvest Kids tambourine and dance group. They are also praying for the opportunity for Miguel to travel to Tijuana to visit his mother who is failing in her health. Olivia is taking another sewing machine and cloth to the women in the federal prison and will be taking another sewing machine and cloth to a friend when she travels to Hermosillo this month to start a sewing ministry there. They are also visiting a neighboring community a few miles out of the city where Olivia will be inheriting property from her mother who recently went to be with the Lord and where they are tentatively considering starting a mission.

     We have been blessed to begin a relationship with a sewing ministry from the Bryant Community Church in Arlington, WA. They will be donating hand-made shorts and dresses for orphans in Africa and bolts of cloth that will support the sewing ministries in Mexico. Anyone that has a young child or teen that would like to be a part of the Harvest Kids messianic tambourine dance team, the kick-off will be at the Harvest Home, 9467 Pierce Lane, Sedro Woolley, Sunday, February 17, 1-4pm. We are so grateful that Cheryl Macomber will be sharing her gifts and the joy that she has found in serving and bringing God the glory through this ministry. Thanks to Jake & Cheryl who brought donations for the homeless ministry. Thursday, we are looking forward to interceding in prayer for moms, dads, babies & the medical staff at Planned Parenthood and joining Child’s Evangelism Fellowship for their noon prayer luncheon in Mt. Vernon. Contact George at 360-421-8811 for information.      

What an awesome God we serve.

If you would like to make a donation, they can be made on line at www.myegiving/hvmor the “electronic giving” on the home page of the website or through PayPal to If you would like to donate electronically but do not have access to the internet or would like someone to assist you, please call George Henson at 360-421-8811 or Kylee Walker at 360-540-0890. To maximize your gift, on donations directly out of a checking or savings account a fee of $.25 is withheld, while credit and debit cards the fee is $.25 + 2.7%. You can also mail donations to Harvest Vision Ministries, PO Box 733, Sedro Woolley, WA, 98284. All donations are tax-deductible and help advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and build His Kingdom.

USA – Harvest Kids, February 9, 2019

It was a cold and snowy morning for Harvest Kids and we knew that many of our kids wouldn’t be able to attend, but we knew that the Lord would bring whoever needed to be here. Thanks to Isaac for coming early and for Veronica and Laly who walked over. We were blessed to have Wayne bring his neighbors, Tom and Nancy, and their two grandchildren from Canada. We were able to share with them about the Harvest Kids ministry and show them a video that summarizes much of the work that the kids have been doing to help vulnerable children in Africa. It was too cold to crush cans, but we were blessed to have counted $30 in change that will go toward the sewing ministry project they are helping start in eastern Uganda. Only $70 left to go and they will begin helping complete a school building project in northwest Uganda. Wayne and Laly helped Brooke (9) and James (4) put their handprint on the wall and Wayne actually helped Walker, the wonder dog, put a double paw print on the wall. After lunch and a great time of fellowship, everyone left except Laly, who stayed and did some work on the new Harvest Vision newsletter the kids are designing and to set up the new telescope and microscope for the creation ministry. We are looking forward to starting the tambourine dance ministry which starts on Sunday, February 17, from 1-4pm and our next Harvest Kids with Child’s Evangelism Fellowship on Saturday, February 23 from 10am-12:30pm, both at the Harvest Home, 9467 Pierce Lane in Sedro Woolley.

Letters from Marilyn J. Underwood (written in 1973 when she was about 40 years old “In regards to all the abortions I couldn’t do.”)

{Originally written to be submitted to the Bellingham Herald, but were never sent}

{We were privileged to have her share them with us on Jan 31, 2019}


“I Want to Live”

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

            Living quarters are very limited in here, but I feel so warm and protected. It’s really sort of scary not knowing what kind of life I’ll have, but I know one thing mommy, I want to live.

            Daddy, I know that you don’t want me. Is it because you are scared too? I know it would mean a lot of sacrifice and responsibility but don’t you want me just at little? Don’t you wonder what I’d be or what I’d look like?

            I know you and mommy love each other and I think that she loves me daddy, because when we are all alone waiting for you to come home from work I hear mommy cry, but she says, ‘I’m sorry, baby, but I can’t have you and daddy too.’

            Please, mommy and daddy, please, say I can stay. I never meant to get in your way, but I’m too young to die. Really, could you kill me before I even live? Someday you’d both be so proud of me. You’d see. I’d be a lot of work and maybe keep you up a lot, but that only lasts a little while, and if you stop and think about it your mama didn’t really mind and see how proud she is of you.

            Please, mommy and daddy, please. I don’t want to die. I know I’d go to live with God, but I don’t want to go until I know you.

Please, let me live.

Love you,

Your baby


“It’s Too Late”

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

            You know it’s very nice up here in heaven with a Father who truly cares for me, but how I wish that you had really wanted me.

            I know now that you created me out of lust, not love, so you couldn’t keep me. It’s alright, because really I understand how much I’d have been in your way daddy, but I still think that mommy wanted me. She’s a wonderful girl, but daddy, don’t you see how wrong it was. What you made her do to me?

            How will you feel the rest of your life, knowing you let your own flesh and blood die because you weren’t grown up enough to be responsible for me?

Please, don’t let me happen again until you are ready for responsibility. Sometimes when this happens something goes wrong and mommy can’t have any babies and think of how you’d feel then. It’s too late for me, mommy and daddy, because you didn’t hear me cry, ‘Please, I don’t want to die.’, because I’m gone. But rest assured, I love you mom and dad and I’ll be fine because I was too young to know selfishness or sin so Jesus let me in. I love you and wish you had let me show youso.

USA  – How good and pleasant it is.., January 31, 2019

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” (Psalms 133:1)

Sweet memories: A wonderful time of fellowship at the men’s breakfast at the Hamilton Restaurant; Working with Wayne & Fred on the Harvest Kids greenhouse project; House church fellowship on Pulver Road and enjoying watching Chris and Jen with their new daughter, Kelsey; Standing in the gap side by side with Gabe and Gary with other brothers and sisters for all God’s children, born and unborn; being with other believers in the Harvest Home with Sheila and listening to Marilyn share her incredible testimony of being pronounced dead, hearing from the Lord and then being brought back when she was seven years old and enjoying house church at the Harvest Home singing “Amazing Grace” and “The Old Rugged Cross” with guitar by Pr. Joe Miller.

Would you like to offer your child or teen the opportunity to simply worship God to bring Him glory with no strings attached. To totally give themselves to Him because He is their God and worthy to be praised. We can become enamored with the things of the world where we compete with others for the best job, the highest pay, first place, the best time, the prettiest or most handsome, the most famous, the highest grade and honors, the most educated or the most liked. Most of what we find worthy of our time is measured how well we are doing based on where we were yesterday or how everyone around us is doing today or who’s is going to be the best in the future.

Success – Wealth – Fame – Winning!

We are blessed to have a woman that loves the Lord and has found a way to simply worship the Lord for no other reason than to bring Him glory. She is gifted in messianic worship using dance, tambourines and flags to show her love to God and for no other purpose. We would like you to prayerfully consider talking to your child or teen and asking them if they would like to come and join her as she begins to share her gift with the Harvest Kids on Sunday, February 3rd, at the Harvest Home, 9467 Pierce Lane, in Sedro Woolley from 1-4pm.    

No tryouts to make the team, no Superbowl to win, no Olympics to win a medal, no first place to win, no honor roll to make, no float in the parade – Just time in His Presence to bring Him Glory.

USA  – Harvest Kids, January 26, 2019

What a beautiful day that awaited us as we prepared for the Harvest Kids. After a breakfast of “green” scrambled eggs, Hailey helped Linda make up sandwiches for the Harvest Kids lunch as we set up everything in the Harvest Home. Fourteen kids helped smash cans along with our faithful adults that come and help out. Many thanks to the adults that drop off their children and to the many people that stop by during the week and drop off their cans. The kids are working on a new project to help some young women from the Nalidi Grace Orphan school in eastern Uganda start a sewing training center in their town center. The kids will be helping rent a room, purchase a sewing machine and help pay for some training. With the $46 change they brought and counted today, they have over $100 of the $200 needed. After this project, they will help finish building a school that they helped start for 90 children, 30 of whom are orphans in northwest Uganda. After playing some games, the kids helped 6 people put their handprints on the wall. During lunch, everyone watched the video of the mission team that went to Mexico over the Christmas holidays, which included 4 of the Harvest Kids. George talked about the new tambourine ministry that is starting on Feb 3rd and the greenhouse project that is getting ready for the kids to start potting seeds for their future crops. George shared a message about how God knows us even before He begins to form us in the womb. He asked the kids to look at a variety of seeds and see if they could guess what plant they would ultimately grow in to. Their conclusion: they would have to plant it and then watch it grow big enough to see what kind of fruit, flower or vegetable began to be visible. Amazing the difference in the way God shapes and forms us for His purpose even before the world ever glimpses us for the first time. They saw the replica that showed the size of our feet when we are 10 weeks old in the womb and were asked to imagine Jesus, who is God, in the womb of Mary being that size. They heard the story of John the Baptist who leaped with joy inside the womb of Elizabeth when they heard the sound of Mary’s greeting.

“For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.” Psalms 139:13-16