Africa news, November, 2018

    It is always a blessing to begin this section with the testimonies of the 31outreaches coordinated by our co-laborers in the month of October and the 1,555 people that accepted Jesus and are now being discipled by local believers in their own communities. We continue to be encouraged by our coordinators and are always appreciative of their faithfulness and creativity to present the gospel whether it is using the sound and video equipment for crusades, doing radio ministry, going door to door or visiting hospitals, prisons and the military. Please keep our DRCongo coordinator, Augustine and his family and the people in Goma, in your prayers as they are facing violence from rebel activity that is now in the city. We are also blessed to know that Prossy, our South Sudan coordinator, has started outreach activities in Juba, South Sudan. They are almost finished with the construction of the church facility there and friends from another ministry are preparing to drill a well for the community. Charles, our central Uganda coordinator in Kayunga, is searching for a property for a new farming sustainability project that Harvest Vision will fund to help generate finances to maintain the sound and video equipment that is currently being used in all five countries. Christopher, our northwest Uganda coordinator, is preparing to start construction for a roofed shelter for the 90 children that attend the primary school that has been meeting outside under a tree (when it isn’t raining). Many thanks to the Harvest Kids in the USA that provided this funding and to the local farmer that donated all the sweet corn they were able to pick and use for the financial donations needed for the project.     

   Nalidi Grace Orphan Primary School is located in eastern Uganda and was founded by Pr. Patrick Okurut who has a heart for children. When Harvest Vision Ministries first visited the school they were struggling with many issues that the staff and 300+ children and orphans were coping with. The orphans that lived at the school were often sick with malaria, suffered from diarrhea because of unclean water and tuberculosis and typhoid because of poor sleeping conditions. Harvest Vision, with the help of the Harvest Kids, has since built toilets and bathrooms, purchased mosquito nets, bunk beds, mattresses, sheets, towels and school supplies. The school had no clean safe water supply and had to carry water from almost 2 miles away, so the ministry supplied water filters until 4 years ago when they were able to help drill a well for the school. Because the school had only a small piece of land, feeding and sustaining the children was challenging. Harvest Vision was able to provide funds to purchase a piece of land adjacent to the school where the children grow their own food.

    Most recently, the girls who were once little have grown and are in their puberty stage. This stage for the girls has opened up a new chapter of their lives where the older girls are undergoing menstruation. In Africa, menstruation is a taboo and no one should know you are having a period. Every week, a girl or two would miss school because they have their period and they have no sanitary pads. This drew our attention to the need of sanitary napkins for every girls in the orphan school and in the community. On November 18, 2018, the Harvest team traveled 212km from Kampala to the Nalidi Grace Orphan school to teach the girls how to make the sanitary napkins themselves and how to keep them clean and hygienic. They now have two sewing machines and the knowledge to keep the girls in school and active in their community. Most girls drop out of school because of period/menstrual related issues, but now with these facilities in place, the girls will be able to concentrate and be more successful in completing their educations. Many thanks to our co-laborers in Africa and the USA that donate to make this possible. A special thanks to our friends from Christian Connexions in Anacortes and Lynden, WA. for their support.