Africa news, January, 2019

Our coordinators organized 29 outreaches in December and 2,744 new believers have taken their rightful place in the kingdom and are now in our eternal family. Thanks to our co-laborers from the USA we received the finances to: purchase a motorbike for one of our coordinators; repair and replace items needed to maintain the different sets of sound and video equipment used for outreaches; lease acreage for a farming project that will help finance the maintaining of the equipment and replace mattresses for orphans living at a primary school. The month has been filled with wonderful testimonies of God’s faithfulness. In one of the areas, seven people involved in witchcraft received salvation and in another 28 new believers were baptized that had received salvation at an earlier outreach. Our experience has been, that in these small outreaches, the local leaders and believers pray and fast in advance for those in their community that don’t know how much God loves them. When they finally witness the Holy Spirit leading these people to the Father through faith in Jesus Christ, they rejoice and immediately take on the responsibility of discipling them through a local church family. Many times, even during the outreach, the new believers are baptized and publicly proclaim their new identity in Christ to everyone, including others that had not initially accepted Jesus. It is not unusual for the immediate growth in the local church families, including any new church plants, to far exceed the original number of new believers that accepted Jesus at the actual outreach, because the faith of the new believers through baptism opens even the hearts of those that didn’t respond to the original invitation to the truth and they in turn respond to the gospel.

Pr. Martin has been teaching to a group of over 500 pastors and leaders at a seminar in Mukono, Uganda and will soon be having a conference with pastors and leaders that graduated from the bible schools in the Mbale and Namaingo areas in eastern Uganda. We are encouraged to see the progress in the building of the primary school for the 90 children from the Fountain of Hope ministry in Nebbi in NW Uganda. We are grateful that all the coordinators are very active in helping orphans, widows and everyone in their communities with basic needs (food, clean water, health & education) while focusing first and foremost on their spiritual needs. In March, Pr. Martin will accompany a representative from the Step 30 ministry from Taiwan on a visit to South Sudan. Step 30 has been a blessing to so many communities in central Africa with their mission to reach out and improve the living conditions of the people.